Organizations on Facebook

Nowadays it is almost impossible to ignore the power of social media. Social media are great communication tools for individual users and news agencies. Organizations are also present on social media in large numbers. Even though most social platforms started out as a non-commercial platform, they now often serve as one of the most important marketing channels for companies.

Especially Facebook is an important medium for marketing communications by organizations. The amount of business pages on Facebook keeps on growing. It is almost as if a company does not have a Facebook page it does not exist. Due to these developments, what we, customers, expect from business has also changed.

We are constantly switching screens and dividing our attention over the plenty of platforms available for us. In order for businesses to keep our attention they should step away from the traditional persuasive messages. A personal approach becomes more powerful. Facebook and other social media platforms allow such approaches. Not only do organizations know who their customers are, they also know what they like and dislike. It would be a missed opportunity for organizations to not use personalized messages.

Furthermore, we no longer just accept all advertising messages like we did back in the old days. Users in a survey indicated that they do not like direct sales messages, but would rather see meaningful posts. They also indicated that instead of organizations reaching out to customers they prefer searching for the company themselves. That is why in the last years it has become increasingly important to be active on business pages. Customers are looking for dialogue which results into deeper relationships between customers and organizations and positive attitudes towards the brand. Having a great webcare team for example could contribute to a customers’ experience with the organization.

To conclude, Facebook is a growing social media platform and also organizations acknowledge the importance of being present on those platforms. Having a business page on Facebook asks for drastic changes in the advertising approaches, but when done properly, Facebook can be of great value for organizations.


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